Contraception a Liberal Tradition

3 Mar

As it turns out liberals and democrats are the only responsible citizens left in our country. republicans and conservatives believe it is a better idea to keep popping out kids and not use or support contraception. Are we living in the 17th century or are republicans’ primitive minds underdeveloped? This might be the reason that there has not been one effective republican president in recent history. The best they could come up with was Bush, and we all know how that turned out. When republican voice Rush Limbaugh openly calls a woman who uses birth control pills a SLUT and all we hear is a politically smothered response by republican leadership it gives a bulldog like Rush their silent approval. I was surprised how conservatives responded to that issue even people in my own family. Its customary for republicans to make an issue out of trivial topics to posture as hardliners every election year. I do not understand why covering birth control is a big issue when the arguments for it are pretty flat. most conservatives hold the opinion that they will have higher insurance premiums to pay should the insurance companies are obligated to cover contraceptives. They also believe that women should keep their legs closed rather than using contraceptives. These illiterates do not understand that sex is not the only reason a woman requires contraceptives. They are so idiotic that most of them are actually supporting the idea presented by Rush Limbaugh that women in their families who used contraceptives are actually SLUTS. The modern conservative theology of not denouncing any extremely ignorant comments by one of their own has become more of a norm than exception these days. I am sure that these people if get into power will not stop short of cutting STDs and AIDS out of the insurance packages because they strongly believe that these diseases are caused by irresponsible behavior on the part of the individuals. This kind of extreme theology should be kept out of The White House in order for United States to regain her reputation as a civilized country in the world again.


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