America’s Proxy War

4 Mar

For over 200 years United States have been engaged in military conflicts, with over of international wars. We have a pretty good track record of almost 50% of winning those wars. in today’s world however its a different story. With the arrival of Israeli prime minister at the White House and the highly anticipated meeting between President Obama and Mr. Natanyahu, the hot topic in Washington is Iran’s nuclear ambitions and Israeli interests. A huge crowd of 14000 jewish americans are planning on descending on Washington on monday to support Israel’s pre-emptive strikes on Iran’s nuclear sites. Mr. Obama and Mr. Natanyahu will both speak to the group AIPAC on monday after their meetings. United States is still recovering from the 2008 recession and our battered economy is not ready to take on the burden of a new war while we mourn the deaths of over 5000 american troops killed in the recent Iraq conflict. Israel is a sovereign country and their prime minister’s hardliner attitude coupled with an immediate urgency of a military strike against Iran against all intelligence appears a little irresponsible. 16 US intelligence agencies have unanimously agreed that Iran has abandoned its weapon program and President Obama has warned Israel of a military actions and the consequences of such attack. Israel has decided to blackmail Mr. Obama during an election year and threatened the support of jewish americans should President Obama wants to give diplomacy and sanctions more time. Inside sources according to New York Times have reported that Israel is planning to attack Iran before November thus forcing Mr. Obama to engage US in a war. my question is to the jewish american community. Are you  US citizen? Do you put US interests first? Israel should defend its interest as a sovereign country but it is extremely selfish of Israelis’ to force America into a witch hunt that will spell nothing but disaster. Jewish-Americans should understand that the country they live and work in cannot bear the burden of an unnecessary war which is supposed to be launched under false pretenses. If Israel wants to act on its own ignoring all real-time intelligence and warnings for the outcome of such an attack, then that should remain their decision and we should not be forced to hold their hand like an infant who can talk but cannot walk. American jews should not threaten Mr. Obama to engage in this conflict if they are really patriotic about this country rather than Israel. I encourage those 14000 people gathered in Washington this weekend to bear arms and fight for Israel if they choose because Americans are thinking about protecting American interests not Israeli interests. American involvement in this conflict will cripple our recovering economy with gas prices expected to raise as high as $8 per gallon. I am sure most of my fellow americans will agree that at a time when unemployment is still over 8%, , inflation will do no good to average citizens who are trying to make both ends meet. Along with the economic situation comes the threat of Iranian retaliation and if the Israeli plan works it will be focused more on US establishment in the middle east than Israel. Israeli leaders should act responsibly and carefully in this matter because Iran not only possesses military might that could inflict serious harm to Israel nut they are also able to cripple the western economies through oil exports. however a clear solution to the nuclear arms race in the region would be for Israel to return it’s over 200 US made nuclear weapons and take a first step towards a non-nuclear middle east.  It sounds like a ridiculous request on the part of Israel to retain its own nukes and attack another country should they want to acquire the same to keep a balance of power in the region. Should Israel believe it is a good idea to attack a sovereign nation without cause then they should be the ones held responsible for the annihilation of the jewish state not United States to protect them even though they are the aggressors. America should stay out of this upcoming war because our intelligence has found no reason to suspect that Iran is working towards a nuclear weapon. Jewish-Americans should be loyal to america rather than putting Israeli interests first because ultimately United States stopped the Holocaust, and provided them with a safe and peaceful place to live and raise families without any fear, seems very unpatriotic.


What you need to know about Walgreens

4 Mar

An american company that believed in american values departed our shores with the departure of Jeff Rein former CEO of Walgreens. Since his forced retirement in 2008 and under the leadership of Greg Wasson the company has seemed to embrace more communistic values. Greg and his goons that include Mark Wagner, Kevin Schmidt, and many more have adopted a harassment culture that includes threatening their employees of termination should they not agree with corporate policies. The recent decision by corporate to layoff thousands of assistant manager positions in over 8000 retail drugstore is the latest of the desperate efforts by corporate to cover up revenue losses caused by the incompetence of their CEO and the bad decisions by the higher management that include an estimated $5B loss in revenue over ESI account. However pharmacy staff is held accountable for the loss of business, according to Mr Wasson losing Express Scripts business is not an acceptable answer. Upper management is in complete denial refusing to accept the responsibility for their decisions that have impacted the business. Share prices have dropped almost $11 since Wasson took control of the company. Employee morale is at an all time low and why wont it be when a district manager for district 302 of western NY Ted Avramov has stooped to an all time low by holding a conference call with his store managers and try to sell them a story full of lies about Disney stating that after talking to the Disney employees he found out that the reason for Disney’s exceptional service is that employees are afraid that their jobs are in jeopardy if they dont provide outstanding service. This is the latest of the scare tactics used by current managent to squeeze the smployees a little more. Mr Avramov completely downplayed the popular notion of extensive training and employee empowerment implimented by Disney and twisted the facts to relay his own message of threats to his managers. I strongly believe that time is now for labor unions to intervene and protect these defenseless employees from the gestapo tactics of Walgreens managent. Walgreens higher management has openly opposed to the idea of unionised stores so they can do whatever they want whenever they want in their stores. The above mentioned district 302 under the leadership of Mr Avramov has become incresingly less diverce. This district does not have any ethnic store managers. Nor does it have any non-white Executive Assistants. There are only three non-white assistant managers still employed in that district who have been with the company for over 9 years on average and have been denied promotions to the EXA positions severl times over less experience white candidates. These inequalities coupled with threats have drained the motivation out of hard working employees bring the service levels down to an all time low.

Contraception a Liberal Tradition

3 Mar

As it turns out liberals and democrats are the only responsible citizens left in our country. republicans and conservatives believe it is a better idea to keep popping out kids and not use or support contraception. Are we living in the 17th century or are republicans’ primitive minds underdeveloped? This might be the reason that there has not been one effective republican president in recent history. The best they could come up with was Bush, and we all know how that turned out. When republican voice Rush Limbaugh openly calls a woman who uses birth control pills a SLUT and all we hear is a politically smothered response by republican leadership it gives a bulldog like Rush their silent approval. I was surprised how conservatives responded to that issue even people in my own family. Its customary for republicans to make an issue out of trivial topics to posture as hardliners every election year. I do not understand why covering birth control is a big issue when the arguments for it are pretty flat. most conservatives hold the opinion that they will have higher insurance premiums to pay should the insurance companies are obligated to cover contraceptives. They also believe that women should keep their legs closed rather than using contraceptives. These illiterates do not understand that sex is not the only reason a woman requires contraceptives. They are so idiotic that most of them are actually supporting the idea presented by Rush Limbaugh that women in their families who used contraceptives are actually SLUTS. The modern conservative theology of not denouncing any extremely ignorant comments by one of their own has become more of a norm than exception these days. I am sure that these people if get into power will not stop short of cutting STDs and AIDS out of the insurance packages because they strongly believe that these diseases are caused by irresponsible behavior on the part of the individuals. This kind of extreme theology should be kept out of The White House in order for United States to regain her reputation as a civilized country in the world again.